Welcome to Body Mechanics Physical Therapy

We provide services to patients living in Loudoun and surrounding counties.

Body Mechanics Physical Therapy is a privately owned practice. Our physical therapist, Katharine Ayres, holds a doctorate level degree from an accredited university and is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Board of Physical Therapy.

We believe in giving our patients individualized care in a one-on-one setting and offer hands-on techniques with movement analysis. In addition, we provide personalized home programs for increasing strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance as needed. Our physical therapy rehabilitation program is focused on functional retraining designed to ease our patients’ return to daily activities.

The first physical therapy session includes a comprehensive examination of the patient’s condition and potential biomechanical causes. In follow-up sessions, we focus on treatment and are happy to review the presented rehabilitation program and progress with the referring health care provider.

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